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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Brand Identity
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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Brand Identity

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Charlie’s Deli – Brand Refresh

PNCA // Portland, OR // Marketing & Branding  

Deli Sandwich Restaruant 
Instructor: Monica Mo.
Course: Marketing/Branding GD-351 
Project: Brand Identity
Year: 2022

Brand refresh of Charlie’s Deli, a sandwich restaurant located in downtown Portland, Oregon. For this project, I created a new logo and mobile app for food deliveries. A marketing campaign was used to promote their delicous food through social media posts, vinyle prints and coupons for deals on free food. Charlie’s Deli opened in January, 2015 and is located just inside Chinatown in Portland. Since then, “Mom” Alicia Matos and “Pop” Charlie Mattouk have been serving the very best sandwiches in all of Portland.

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