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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Brand Identity

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Thrift Green – UX/UI Design

PNCA // Product Design // Product Design

Thrifting App
Instructor: Raphael 
Course: GD-444
Format: Product Design
Year: 2022

Building a community through online thrifting. The goal was to make this experience feel trendy and a safe place where people can talk about their favorite outfits and cultures popularized in different eras, regions, or sub-cultures. My thought behind this approach was to decrease the amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere from the mass production of clothing which harms the world we all live in. This product will bring together like-minded individuals wanting to make online thrifting the next big thing while not contributing to harmful waste.

With this platform, users with be able to sell and purchase used clothing still in good condition, helping people who can’t really afford trendy new clothing from the store.  Breaking the stigma that thrifting can only be in-person, not online because of bad experiences. Help link together buyers/sellers.

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