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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Brand Identity

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FIKA Coffee Culture – Brand Identity


PNCA // Scandinavia // Culture & Audience 

Scandinavian based cafe
Instructor: Kristen R. Brown
Course: GD-351
Format: Brand Identity
Year: 2021

FIKA Coffee Culture is a Scandinavian based cafe made for a restaurant branding project. A modern minimalist design was incorporated onto the logo and identity system for all deliverables and touchpoints. This creative direction was inspired by the popularity of coffee in Scandinavia with its historical roots dating back to the 17th century. There were about five coffee bans in Sweden. Some of them were implemented by the peasantry and aristocracy, led by the notoriously coffee-hating King Gustav III. Eventually, the last coffee bans ended in 1820, and the Swedes have been hooked on coffee ever since.

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