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Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
Brand Identity

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5 Meo Tapes – Senior Thesis 

PNCA / Beat-tape / Music Release Plan

Music Release Plan
Mentor: Danielle McCoy
Course: GD-444
Format: Design System
Year: 2023

5-Meo Tapes is a collection of collaborative instrumental tracks that are distinguished by a surreal and melodic sound production. Produced by Amakae, Jaykub, Lovetolove and G Cozy; this style of beat-tape seeks to immerse the listener in a new, mind-bending listening experience that takes them to a state of meditation, or concentration when trying to be productive in the day.

Audio reactive visuals were created in Touchdesigner,  a node based visual programming language for real time interactive multimedia content, to reinforce each instrumental track. These official visualizers aid the listening experience by converting audio spectrums to visual patterns exported in video files. It enhances how the viewer interprets the music, amplifying any form of expression.

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Deep-hitting bass, mesmerizing rhythms, and atmospheric soundscapes are just a few of the components that make up the distinctive sound of 5-Meo Tapes. The music can be described as being put through experimental processing and manipulation with the goal of producing complicated and complex patterns that develop over time.

Overall, this project was designed to be a journey into the unknown, an exploration of what new sounds can arise from evolving trends. The experimental sound production showcases the skills these producers have, each with their own taste. The making of 5-Meo Tapes involved different phases from designing, audio producing, art directing and marketing through social media campaigns.

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